Monday, December 23, 2019

The Best of the Hallmark Christmas Cringe!

I have found that one of the best things about Christmas time, is the hallmark movies. You know the kind. Bad acting, cringy moments, the same story line reused in every. single. movie. All of them usually have a slightly annoying little girl who is the daughter of the hero, or the niece of the heroine. It often involves a big city girl learning to appreciate small town values. There's usually a wood-chopping scene (you know the one I'm talking about XD). I don't know why, but I loooooove hallmark movies. They're fun, for the most part pretty clean, and who doesn't love to laugh at all the cringy, stupid moments that comes with every movie. 

As soon as December hits, one of the best way to spend a lazy evening is to binge hallmark Christmas movies with my mom and sister. So! I have made a list of my favorite Christmas hallmark movies so that you too, may binge the cringe!   

1.) The Holiday Calendar

This one is probably on of my top favorites. For one thing, the acting isn't that bad, and the terrible cringy moments are minimal, so it's a little more enjoyable ;) And it's just all around very sweet and happy. Also, for some reason the main character reminds me of myself. I mean, photographer who lives in a cute apartment? Yes, yes. I approve :) 

(Also the romance in this one is the adorablest) 

2.) The Knight Before Christmas

I loooooooove this one!! It's sweet, and adorable, and extremely quotable. "As you're people say, he did a number on your self esteem babe!"

And of course, you have your snow storm rescue, and your oh-so-overused "I slipped but its ok, cus the debonair hero caught me" 

And who could say no to such an awkwardly adorable medieval knight?

3.) The Princess Switch

Even though it's another one of your basic you-look-like-me-lets-switch-places story lines, this one is quite sweet and a very nice chill watch. All the lovely princessy, snowy kingdom, mistletoe-y vibes can be found here. 

And there you have it! So tell me! Do you like Hallmark Christmas movies? What are some of your favorites? Hope you're all well! xxx, Bella

Sunday, December 15, 2019

I am Indeed, Alive! + ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS

Well hello there! It's me, the author of this blog, who apparently has not seen fit to post anything for 3 months (whoops)...

It seems that #life can be a little obtrusive when it comes to ones writing and blogging plans. Like what do you mean I have to go to work and keep up with school and be a responsible adult??

But!! My time of suffering has ended! Finals are done, the semester is over!! LET THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN!! 

Can anyone believe that we are already to Christmas! I mean, we have 10 days until Christmas!! wHat??! 

Is anyone else super excited?! I love Christmas shopping, and hot coco and snow and cookies and Christmas movies, and basically all that Christmassy stuff :)

Well, I don't have much to say in this particular post, but I thought I would pop in to let you all know that I am alive, and will hopefully be getting back into the swing of blogging! I will return with more Christmassy posts soon! Hope you're all doing amazing! xxx, B

Tell me what you are thinking in the comments! I love talking to you guys!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Penelope // Movie Review

So I've had this movie recomended to me several times, but for awhile I was a little hesitant to watch it because I've heard it was weird. Well the other day I saw it on Netflix and thought what the heck, why not? So I watched it, and oh my goodness I'm so glad I did!! It's such a cute, whimsical, funny little movie!! So I though I'd pop on here and fangirl about it a little bit before telling you to go watch it! :)

So basically, Penelope was cursed to be born with the nose of a pig, and the curse will only be broken once she marries one of her own kind, a blue blood. Of course, getting someone to marry you when you look like a pig is no easy task, and therein lies the plot!

So for starters, I will admit that this movie is indeed a little weird, the beginning especially. But if you can get past the first five minutes, it's pretty smooth sailing from thereon out.

(also this is gonna be less of a review and more of me talking about my favorite bits, so yeah ;))

So first of all, Penelope is really cute, whether she has a pig nose or not. And also, can we all agree, that while the nose is a little weird, it's not exactly 'throw yourself out the window' terrifying. Just sayin'. 

Ok, and even though she drove me up the wall sometimes, you can't help but find Penelope's mom pretty funny. I mean, yes she is really annoying and sometimes you just want to strangle her, but she does have some pretty great lines. "What!? I'm her mother! That's what mothers do with their daughters, they talk about how to look prettier!"  

Ok, now the part where I get to fangirl!!

Eeeeek!!! Ok, I looooove Max so stinkin' much!! He's literally the cutest and his relationship with Penelope is so sweet!! I mean, THE CONVERSATION DURING THE CHESS GAME!!! Gaaah, I fangirled so hard XD. Also the You are my Sunshine part was so cute!

I mean, look at that face!! ^.^ <3 <3

I also really loved that he's not the perfect Prince Charming either. Max has a gambling problem, and in the beginning doesn't really seem to have his life together. And then he meets Penelope, and I won't tell you the rest cuz spoilers, but it's da best ^.^

Also, Lemon is hilarious! He's probably got some of the funniest lines in the movie. "Edward...Don't lick Max." Also, the scene where he finds out stuff, and he goes and talks to Max in the theater was really cute. And the end scene with the rowboat!! I love it! :D

I also really really loved the overall fantasy feel of the movie. The scene where Penelope opens to gate up to the huge city is so cool, and I also really love the part where she is sitting in the hotel room looking down at her view and she just feels free, and it makes me really happy :) 

Also, her wardrobe was so fun and whimsical! The bright colors, the pointed cuffs on her coat, the really cute and crazy look was a super nice touch. And don't even get me started on her adorable room that I want really bad! 

Also, the ending scene is sooooo cute!! Gah, it's such a sweet movie, guys!

Ok this is the part where I tell you to go watch it ;) It's seriosuly the sweetest, and the characters are adorable (coughlookingatyoumaxcough) and it's funny and whimsical and yes it's the best :) 

So have you seen Penelope? What are your thoughts if you have? I'm totally open to fangirling in the comments if you so desire! ;) Hope you guys are doing great! xxxx, B

Friday, August 9, 2019

My Favorite YouTubers

Hello hello!! Today I thought I'd drop in with a list of my favorite Youtubers, because like any other normal person, I watch a lot of YouTube. Like probably too much. I do actually have a lot of things I have to do most of the time, so YouTube is probably not very good for me XD Nevertheless, here are a few of my favorite Youtubers to watch when I am wasting time. ;) (also FYI, I usually watch only Christian Youtubers, so I'm pretty sure that all the channels mentioned here are Christian)

Jess and Gabriel

These two are probably my all time favorite Youtubers. Because 1.) They are Christians. 2.) They are an absolutely adorable couple. and 3.) Their channel just makes me happy! :)

Their videos are always really cute and funny and plus, they are #couplegoals. Here's one of my favorite videos from the series they just put up!

Overall, their channel is just very wholesome, and I really enjoy their content :)

Ellie June

Ellie is just suuuuper cute, and her fashion sense is adorable. She also has a lot of really good lifestyle videos!


Brooklyn and Bailey

So I still have mixed feelings about these two. Sometimes, I enjoy their channel, and other times they really annoy me. So you can decide what you think, but you have warned. They might not be for you, or you might like them :)


Studio C

I loooove Studio C! They are a Christian Sketch Comedy Group and they are hilarious. Note, its all their old videos that are genuinely funny, I personally have not been super impressed my their new ones. But the old ones are awesome! 

John Crist

Another Christian comedian, John Crist is hilarious. Definitely check him out!

Ollie Ritchie

And of course, I can't forget one of my favorite people ever!! Ollie is my all time favorite videographer and photographer, and his videos are pure gorgeousness!! Gaaah, they make me so happy!!

And there you have it! My favorite YouTubers! So, do you have any favorites? Do you watch any of the ones I mentioned here? Drop me a comment! I love hearing from you guys, it seriously makes my day! Hope you're well! xxxx, B

Monday, July 29, 2019

God is Good

Well, look at me being the worlds most inconsistent blogger! (oops)

Life has been crazy guys. I've had like seven different post ideas that I wanted to write, all which never got written, and I've been trying to revamp my blog look a little, which has come to no avail cuz I am lost when it comes to tech and web design (which isn't so great for someone who's considering going into graphic design in college ;))

I've been working a ton, and managing to cram in the occasional party night with friends, and betwixt all that, you have yourself one very exhausted blogger. But I wanted to pop on here really quick, because there have been several things going on in my life that I just really wanted to write about :)

Item the First: GOD IS SO GOOD. 

Friends, this past month has shown me that in so many ways. I've been having a lot of struggles lately in my college planning/prepping life. Things weren't lining up, and the scheduling was clashing, and it was looking like I wasn't going to be able to get the financial grant that I had originally been eligible for. In short, I was stressed. Big time. 

So I did a lot of complaining while stressing and a lot of grouching while stressing and a lot just laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling while stressing. And then I realized, that maybe I just needed to be praying about it.

And let me tell you, GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. Don't ever, ever, EVER doubt the power of prayer!!! This is not the first time that I've seen God come through when I really started praying about something! He works in amazing ways!! 

I had been trying to line my schedule out for weeks. None of the classes I needed to take were at the right time to correspond with my work, and the available classes didn't fill my credit requirements. Then yesterday, I decided to try to mess with the schedule again, in hopes of getting at least SOMETHING that was going to work. After browsing the schedules for a bit, I realized that there was a digital multimedia class offered that fit with the rest of my class schedule, filled my remaining requirements, and bumped me up to the necessary amount of credits!! Like... WOW!?! 


The financial grant I had applied for hit a technical snag and I didn't fill all the requirements and it was looking like I'd be paying for my classes out of pocket. Yikes.

I managed to talk to a financial aid worker who said there might be a way to get me an exception for the grant (but no promises), and she said she'd give me a call to connect me with the right people. Well, a week went by, and then two weeks, and then three, and I heard nothing back from her. I emailed, I called, and never received a response.

Then, about three days ago, out of the blue, I received a call from the office, asking for more information about my situation. The lady told me again that she couldn't promise anything, but that they were going to try. 

About 30 minutes ago, I got an email saying the grant went through!!!!


I know that a few school problems working out might not seem to be a big deal, but to me, it's huge! I feel like so many problems have been lifted of my shoulders!

Item the Second: Recently one of my very dear friends has been going through a very rough time. They are complications that are out of her reach, and pretty much the only thing to do is pray. 

Let me tell you, I know that I, and so many other people have been praying up a storm for her, and YOU CAN SEE GOD WORKING THROUGH THE WHOLE SITUATION. 

Since everything started, I have seen such an amazingly powerful strength come out my friend. Through her suffering, she is still showing Christ in so many ways. Her unwillingness to give up, her courage, her overall abounding love for Jesus has just inspired me in so many ways, and I know that it is only through Christ that she has made it this far. I believe that the God of Heaven who loves us so stinkin' much will carry her through this dark time, and I have full faith that he will bring her out stronger on the other side. 


Item the Third: I am a perpetual worrier and a bit of a hypochondriac. I tend to stress over anything and everything, even the little things that in reality are nothing. I have been praying about this for soooooooo long, because it causes me so much unrest that I don't even need to have. Really, why do I worry? Why do I stress over things when God has a true and right plan for everything? He is in control and He will guide us through every chapter of our lives. 

This past week I've had such an amazing peace. I don't stress over things. I don't make mountains out of mole hills. All I know is that these whispers of fear have ceased and that I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness. 

So to finish up this post, I will just say, NEVER DOUBT THE POWER OF PRAYER! Girl, if you have something that's stressing you out, even something so small it may seem stupid and trivial, take it to God!! I cannot tell you how many miracles I have seen Him work, how many times my prayers have been answered, even if it was not in the way I expected it be.

God is directing our lives and we have nothing to fear. Jesus Christ has already freed us, so there is no reason for us to stay in the bondage that is Satan's lies! God has got you and He has a perfect and beautiful plan for your life! Never, ever doubt that! <3

xxxx, B

Deuteronomy 31:8 ~ "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

(all photos in this post are mine :))

Saturday, July 13, 2019

What do you Assume? Answers!

Hello again to the great Internet! Thank you to you lovely people who gave me some great assumptions! I am finally here to answer them! :)

Movie Critic's Assumptions...

You prefer to be outside than inside.

Definitely! I loooooove the outdoors!! When I can get out I love to hike, or just sit in the sun and enjoy being outside. 

Your favorite color is pink.

Close. I think my favorite color is yellow, and then purple, and then blue, and then pink. It is up there in the favorites :)

You are most comfortable with a camera in your hand.

100%! I hate going anywhere without my camera!!

You love to sing.

Ooh spot on with this one! I love singing so much! It's actually pretty uncommon for me to ever not have music playing, and driving is the best because I get long periods of time when I can sing as much as I want ;) 

Catie's Assumptions...

Yours Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP.

I'm actually not completely sure what my exact Myers Briggs personality is, but I think I'm INFJ :)

Lucy Maud Montgomery is one of your tip-top favorite authors.

Yes! I loooooove L.M. Montgomery! Her books are just so beautiful and sweet and just such perfection!! (especially The Blue Castle!! If you haven't read it, you need to!)

You are 5 feet and 3 or 4 inches tall.

Very, very close! I am 5 Feet and 5 inches tall :D

Your most read genres are classic literature, fantasy, & historical fiction.

I read mostly Historical Fiction, but also quite a bit of Fantasy and Classic Lit. I didn't used to be a huge Fantasy fan, but I've slowly been getting into that more recently, and I enjoy classic literature but sometimes I have a harder time getting through it because of the old language.   

You like kittens.

I loooooove kittens!! ^.^

You are 19 years old.

Ah, am I though? The world will never know... ;)

You enjoy watching period dramas.

Indeed! Indubitably! Anything Period Drama is quite my cup of tea! 

You love Winnie the Pooh.

Aww Winnie the Pooh is my childhood! I will always love Winnie the Pooh!

You like the Broadway musical "Newsies".

I actually have never seen the Broadway version, but I would like to! I've watched the Disney version, and while it's not the worlds most amazing movie, I do enjoy it. The dancing is fun, and there's nothing wrong with a room full of dancing newsies ;)

And there you have it!! Thank you for questions peeps!! I'm sorry that I've been so inactive lately!! I'm going to try and get on a better schedule soon! Hope you all have a fabulous day!! xxxx, B

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Yes, You are in the Right Place || A Wee Change

Hello peeps! Just popping in briefly with a quick announcement!

You've probably noticed something different since you do have eyes and you probably saw the rest of the page as you scrolled down to read the actual post, so let me explain what I'm up to.

So when I started this blog, I spent forever and ever and ever trying to think of a proper name. I finally came up with Aesthete Journals, and while I was not completely happy with it, I decided to use it anyways. NOW I've finally found a name that I love, so we are going to have a little title change!

My little blog is now going to be called...

Wanderlust and Story Dust

I wanted a name that encompassed more than writing and aesthetic photos. I wanted something more raw, but classy at the same time. (I know, make it complicated, geez Bella) 

Anyways, when I came up with this name, and suffice to say I love it and I think I'll keep it. I've alllllways had a good deal of wanderlust inside me, and stories are what I love to do, so there you have it! :D 

Drop me a comment! I love to chat with you guys!! What do you think of the new name? xxx, B